Ice Machine FM-150KE-50-N

Individual cube
Impurity free
Hardest ice to enjoy slow melting and dilution of drinks


Cube ice is perfectly symmetrical and leaves a
good impression with its hard, crystal clear
quality that melts very slowly; allowing customers
to enjoy their favourite drink longer, The IM series
allows more flexibility of application with each
range offering ice in variable sizes alongside
a design for uncomplicated usage from start to finish.


  • Auger is made of doublehardened stainless steel. Combined with carbon bearings, they work optimally in a toughand wet environment. Benefits include longer product life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs
  • 100% hfc free CO2 foam insulation maintains consistent temperature
  • smart computer board technology
  • stainless steel exterior
  • led error indicator for easy diagnosis
  • self-contained unit

Technical Data


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