EFI : Curved Glass EEFL 3805

1. Temperature display
2. Interior light (depending on model and options)
3. Defrost water drain
4. Temperature control
5. Interior light ON switch_(Optional)
6. Interior light OFF switch_(Optional)
7. Type/Data plate
8. Compressor compartment ventilation grille


These operating instructions contain the important information
required to operate and control the appliance.
The operating instructions contain the following sections:
• Description of the appliance
• Commissioning
• Operation
• Shutting down the appliance
• Malfunctions / Troubleshooting
• Defrosting
• Cleaning
• Technical Data
• Storing the appliance after shutting down
• Disposal
• Declaration of conformity
Read the operating instructions in full and do not use the product
until you have understood the operating instructions.


Technical Data

Switch off the appliance.
Pull out the plug or switch off the fuse.
Wrap the frozen goods in paper or blankets and store in a
cool place.
Mop up defrost water with a sponge or cloth in appliances
without a drain opening.
Place a suitable vessel under the drain
opening to collect defrost water.
Remove the defrost water plug from the
drain opening.
Leave the lid open while defrosting.
Mop up the remaining defrost water
with a cloth after defrosting.
Clean the appliance, see “Cleaning”.


Download Specsheet 


A cylinder lock is available to protect the appliance from unauthorised access.
To install the cylinder lock:
On versions with a lock hole
cover: slide the lock hole cover
until the opening for the cylinder
lock is exposed.
Insert the cylinder lock into the
exposed opening.
Turn the key.
Remove the key


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